OBOR Research Group (ORG), based in Melbourne, Australia, is a team of researchers from around the world dedicated to research on OBOR related issues and economies in a collaborative way. ORG intends to build a large pool of researchers who are interested in OBOR.

ORG initiates it’s self-designed theoretical and data-driven research projects and publishes the outcomes through internationally ranked journals and its own publication window. ORG continuously publishes series of working papers, discussion papers, policy papers and empirical research articles. Many of the publications, mainly in the forms of policy, discussion and working papers, are freely available in the research section of this website.

The ORG team is continually expanding. It’s currently in the process of collaborating with several research institutions, universities, and think tanks around the world.

The team is open ended and always welcomes potential researchers. If you believe you can contribute, join us today!


Meet the Team

While we are in process of providing detail of all our members after necessary permissions and approvals, here are the people who are currently coordinating the ORG activities and research:


Suborna Barua

Founder & Coordinator

Suborna is currently a lecturer and researcher in Finance and Economics based in Melbourne, Australia. He holds teaching and research experience of more than ten years and has published several articles covering topics on finance, banking and international trade and investment in ranked journals. He has also served in several research projects funded by multinational donor agencies. His current research interest is climate change, international trade and investment, and the interface between finance and development. He is currently collaborating on OBOR with researchers from around the world. Suborna also holds a position of Assistant Professor of Finance in the Department of International Business, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. In addition to research and teaching, he has also consulting experience of more than eight years on research and project management with several national and multinational companies.


Rezwanul Hasan Rana

Co-founder and Coordinator

Rezwanul is a researcher in Finance and Economics based in Brisbane, Australia. He has more than seven years of teaching and research experience in the UK and other countries. Rezwanul has published several articles in ranked journals in the area of finance and economics. His key research interest is in health economics and international investment. Rezwanul is currently coordinating OBOR researchers joining the ORG from around the world.


Tonmoy Ananda Paul

Data Analyst

For Tonmoy, research is the craving of his life as the beautifully painful realization of ignorance stimulates to him to know more. Being a Finance graduate from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, Tonmoy has been engaged in academic and professional research for about five years, notably as the Global Head of Research at ShARE Global. He holds specialized skill in data science and financial Modeling. He supervised 37 outputs and lead cross-border research teams in the areas of business strategy, finance, economics, industry, energy, health, and innovation globally encompassing several countries including Portugal, India, China, and Brazil in addition to Bangladesh. Over the last 3 years, Tonmoy has delivered consulting services to 80+ clients in 12+ industries including renewable energy, transportation, waste management, ERP mainly in the area of investor pitch deck, business planning, and financial modeling, data visualization, brand development. At ORG, Tonmoy is responsible for data mining, visualizing, reporting and disseminating through scholarly outputs, especially with the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence.


Afsana Arafin

Associate Data Analyst

Afsana, a recent MBA graduate from Department of International Business, University of Dhaka, holds keen interest and passion for research. She has worked as a freelancer market analyst for several corporations and national business associations including the Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industries (DCCI), Bangladesh. Her current research interest is in the areas of development and economics. Immediate to her graduation, she has presented her paper on “Cash Incentives as Subsidies and Export Oriented Industries of Bangladesh: A Critical Evaluation” in the 14th Asian Business Research conference. As a research team member at ORG, Afsana is currently responsible for data mining and organizing in required formats, and also providing prilimary insights.


Fariza Binte Mahbub

Associate Data Analyst

Fariza, a recent MBA graduate from Department of International Business, University of Dhaka, is a young researcher with a keen interest in economic and financial issues. Having research experience on Readymade Garment (RMG) sector – the leading export industry of Bangladesh, Fariza is currently engaged in Information Communications Technology (ICT) sector research project. She has also acted as a Delegation Liaison Officer at `Bangladesh Investment Policy Summit 2016` organized by Bangladesh Investment Development Authority. As a research team member at ORG, Fariza is currently responsible for data mining and organizing in required formats, and also providing preliminary insights.