Become A Research Leader

ORG is continually expanding. We welcome researchers and academics to join us and build collaborative research teams. In ORG, there are coordinators to look after regular operations of the group, however, the leadership of research projects and activities lie entirely with members initiating and implementing them. Any member is welcome to propose and initiate OBOR related research projects and activities, form groups, and take the leadership. ORG coordinators are there to help organise all these for the potential research leaders and members.


Who Can Join?

Anyone interested in research on OBOR issues and economies is welcome to join ORG. However, ORG wishes to combine people with the professional background in academic and research with expertise in writing scholarly works, sound knowledge in methodologies and econometric techniques, and have strong intention to create knowledge in a collaborative manner.

ORG especially invites researchers and academics from the 60+ countries along the OBOR route. This will enable the members to generate the best possible research activities and projects on OBOR relevant to their own economies.


Want to Join?

Currently, we are developing online membership forms. For now, just send us an email with your short bio, a photograph and a brief Research Statement (about 500 words) describing your research interests, ideas and plans regarding OBOR. You can also explain in the statement about a research project that you intend to undertake. The statement is to understand your research focus which will ultimately help us to engage you in appropriate research activities and projects. Please check our current members page to understand the type of photograph you should choose.

Joining ORG is free! Please send your email at