ORG is undertaking several research projects on OBOR and related economies along the OBOR route. Major areas of research include but not limited to macroeconomic environment,  trade and investments, infrastructure, and social and cultural issues. Most studies encompass both single-economy and cross-economy examinations.

We are continually organising our research activities and publications to present them to all of you. We will soon update and upload all our research on this page.


Current Research


Project Title: Chinese Investment through OBOR: Prospects and Challenges

Team Members: Suborna Barua, Rezwanul Hasan Rana, Madurika Nanayakkara

This research intends to identify the potential impacts of potential investment injections by China into the economies along the route of OBOR. It is expected that a significant level of investment in infrastructure and productive capacity is required in the OBOR economies to take the full advantage of OBOR implementation. The research aims to identify the channels of investment flows from China and other domestic or international investors, and their like positive and negative socio-economic impacts within the OBOR economies. The research will also identify key challenges lying in different economies that can prevent OBOR investments to be successful.